Persona 5 Royal X Otaku Lamps collab has arrived! [SPRINGTIME SPECIAL]

Persona 5 Royal X Otaku Lamps collab has arrived! [SPRINGTIME SPECIAL]

Spring time not only brings an inescapable urge to clean, it has brought us a new collab as well! This spring we have teamed up with Atlus and Sega to bring our supporters the characters from Persona 5 Royal as a new line of LED lamps. As anime lovers, we not only spend our free time watching anime, we’ve also immersed ourselves into the wide world of gaming! (So of course this new launch has us absolutely thrilled🥳)

When coming up with the design for the packaging as well as acrylic plates, we really wanted to bring to life the souls that represent the Persona series. Each package is true to the black/red color scheme with the eye-catching P5R logo in the bottom right corner while the design on the acrylic is previewed (in color) on the bottom right of the package. As has become our standard, the front of the package has a window wherein you can see the acrylic plate. We design our packaging with anime lovers, collectors and now gamers in mind, so if there’s ever any suggestions that come to mind please don’t be shy, let us know your thoughts!

As a small business that began as a husband and wife team back in 2020, every new collab we come out with feels like a dream. When our supporters reach out on social media or through our customer support, we cannot fully express the gratitude we feel that you all have put your trust and support in us. Your continued support means our small brand can continue to grow and bring you even more OFFICIALLY LICENSED lamps and neons of your favorite anime and gaming characters/logos. 

At the time of launch we have the following characters available as LED lamps:


This collection is available WORLDWIDE*  as we want fans of the series everywhere to be able to obtain their favorite Persona! 

To get an up close look at this new collection be sure to click HERE

For any questions or issues pertaining to this line or any others please reach out to our customer support HERE or email them directly at

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