In our latest collaboration, we are happy to announce that we have officially teamed up with Vshojo to bring fans everywhere* a chance to bring home their favorite Vshojo - Vtuber Personality! From the futuristic Zentraya that has come to love the 21st century (we don’t blame her tbh) to the soul-collecting Apricot, be sure to check this new collection out to find your favorite Vshojo personality! To get a more in depth look at the entire collection, follow us as we showcase each talent below!
The fashion forward and soul collecting icon Apricot is here to light up your life and take your soul! But let's be real, we would totally give her ours without question. Add to your Aricot collection today by snagging your very own Apricot LED Lamp.
This plushie-loving ‘ex’ weeb is here now in LED lamp form and we are EXCITED to say the least! We have a special place in our hearts for this personality as he not only is a wee- excuse us, EX weeb, but also is a lover of video games! We can only hope to play with him one day.
Don’t have the time or money to travel to Canada? Now you dont need to! (Unless you really want to, then absolutely go!) With Haruka as a part of this illustrious collection of Vtubers, she brings a piece of Canada and nature in to your home…wait…does this mean we don’t have to touch grass anymore?? Well that’s for you to decide, but for now be sure to welcome this nature goddess into your home today~ just keep an eye on your flowers!
Hime Hajima:
Another anime lover with a look that draws you in so you can experience her boisterous personality up close, its no wonder Hime Hajime has captivated us. Set her LED lamp up in your room or wherever you watch her streams and let her grace you with her looks while yelling on screen. Honestly, how could life get any better?
We wish her cube necklace could keep the base of this lamp lit for you but for now you’ll have to be satisfied with a beautiful LED lamp of Henya the genius that plugs in or runs on batteries. We love the nostalgic nod to Men in Black when it comes to her design (does that give away our ages??) and think she would look stunning on any shelf or desk you decide to grace with her presence.
Our demon queen, an icon, and one of the first generation members of Vshojo, Ironmouse is among one of the top earners as well as fan favorites in the industry. In typical fashion, she is sporting a demon-like look that is only complimented by the detail and passion our brand brings to our products. 
Michi Mochievee:
Michi Mochievee fans rejoice! She officially has more merch for you to buy! How can you say no?! It’s super cool! Help Michi reach her goal of becoming ‘cool’ and make her sales go through the roof! 
Project Melody:
We tried to make ‘The Science Team’ proud when it came to Projekt Melodys design, how did we do? From head to toe she is adorable, she is sexy and she is absolutely true to the Projekt Melody you know and love. We wanted to bring an LED lamp that fans everywhere could enjoy and show off, so be sure to snag her design before she sells out!
Geckos everywhere rejoice! You can now own an officially licensed LED lamp version of the futuristic Zentraya! While she may still be from the future, it’s quite obvious she is stunning in any form and century she inhabits.
All these wonderful personalities are officially available for purchase online NOW and in person if you’re attending Anime Expo 2024. They can be found at the Crunchyroll booth in the Exhibit hall (booth # 2526).  

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