After a HUGELY successful season 1 of our Baki Hanma: Son of Ogre drop, we are finally ready to bring you Season 2 of our first ever apparel line! 
Why is this coming from OTAKU and not Otaku Lamps?
For those of you who don’t know, we consider OTAKU as our parent company! While it’s been in the shadows for some time now, as we branch out into more anime related merchandise (outside of lamps and neons) you will see a more varied selection coming directly from OTAKU. But don’t worry! Otaku Lamps will continue to come out with the designs and quality you’ve come to know and expect from us.
You said Season 2, does that mean it’s from the second season of the Anime?
Actually no, we reference a ‘Season 2’ because this is technically our second wave of apparel that we are dropping. With every new drop we will be referencing them as different season, as this will help to separate the different drops when we or our customers refer to them. 
What exactly are you coming out with?
We are dropping one brand new sweater design and 3 new pump cover designs! 
Does this mean I can buy them immediately on Black Friday? 
Yes and no! These new designs will be launching on Black Friday BUT they are pre-order ONLY. The pre-order window will be for ONE WEEK ONLY, as we are going to try our absolute hardest to get these shipped out in time for Christmas*
You came out with Season 1 of the Baki Hanma: Son of Ogre apparel before, and it was VERY limited in quantity. Is this new season as limited?
Nope! If you want a sweater or pump cover, be sure to add it/them to cart because they are not limited in quantity this time. BUT be aware that once the pre-order window closes, THAT’S IT! So while anyone and everyone can pre-order the design(s) they want, once the pre-order window closes you will not be able to order these designs anymore.
Can I see what the designs look like ahead of time?
Absolutely! We have provided images below to showcase our new designs so you have a chance to take a look and decide ahead of time if you're interested in pre-ordering them. 
Our first item available is our 'Demon Back Reflective Embroidery Hoodie'!
With a soft cotton-blend fleece fabric on the inside, and a heavier feel to the hoodie as a whole, this is sure to keep you warm in the winter for those trips to the gym! We also recommend just for around the house wear too as you can never have too many black hoodies :) (For a look at how the reflective back looks be sure to keep your eyes out for our social posts OR join our Discord ASAP as they have a more in-depth sneak peak of this pre-order!) 
The second item available for pre-order is our 'Lightning "Strongest Creature" Pump Cover: 
Created with the beast within in mind, we wanted you to feel comfortable and motivated with this new pump cover. The fit itself is oversized, but the fabric is 100% soft cotton, acid wash and distressed, to create a relaxed fit. 
The third item available is our 'Red "Champion" Pump Cover!
Look familiar? If you went to Anime Expo '23 then you may recognize this beauty from our 'Season 1 x Anime Expo Exclusive' drop! This and one other design were completely SOLD OUT at Anime Expo and we truly had absolutely NO intention on bringing this back! BUT the fans have spoken and after much discussion, we decided to bring this back with our Season 2 drop and hope everyone who missed out before gets the chance to pre-order one this time around. 
And last but not least is our "Handcrafted" Pump Cover! 
As anime lovers ourselves, we always strive to create products we think other anime lovers will appreciate and we truly think we hit the mark with this one. As a relatively minimal design, relaxed fit, and comfortable fabric all in one, you can be sure we had every Baki fan and workout enthusiast in mind when creating this! 
If you enjoyed this taste but want more, be sure to follow us @otakulamps on Instagram/Facebook/TikTik/Pinterest/Twitter (X)/Youtube and get up-close and personal with these designs before they launch for pre-order on Black Friday!

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