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By popular request, you can now get an Otaku Lamp of our official Otaku Lamps® logo!

For those of you that don't know, our logo was inspired by the hanzi (kanji) for "Dream". This character personifies our brand in more ways than one, and we are excited that we can now share our dream with all of you.

When selecting a lamp, you can choose from three options:

Our original 16-Color Remote Base lamp comes in a sleek black base with a single set of LEDs. A controller comes included which allows you to change the LEDs to any of the 16 available colors, as well as flash, strobe, fade, and smooth.

For an upgraded experience, our Dual/Mixed 16-Color Remote base comes featured with a dual set of LEDs. The left LEDs operate separately from the right LEDs, so this lets you light up your lamp with two different colors at once!

If you already have a lamp base, and would prefer to swap plates instead of having multiple lamps, then you can purchase the Plate Only if you would like the plate insert by itself. **Be aware that this does not come with the full lamp setup, only the plate insert. **

🎴Officially Licensed! All of our products have been designed alongside the animation studio’s themselves, so you know that you are getting original products straight from the source.

📦Custom Packaging! We treat each anime with a unique special touch, and make sure that we capture that in our products and packaging. Each product comes in a separate custom package that has been specifically and carefully crafted for the series.

🔋USB cable is included with all lamps. If you want to go wireless, you can use your own 3 x AA batteries. Depending on the style lamps can range from 20-25cm (8-10in) in height.

🎁Our collectible laser-engraved lamps make the perfect holiday, birthday, or a house warming gift for your fellow otaku & weeb friends!

🛫Free Shipping on ALL orders!

Make sure to leave us a review below, and email us at support@otakulamps.com if you have any issues with your order!