Itachi Moonlight LED Neon Poster 2FT (Naruto Shippuden)

New Release
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Get an LED Neon Sign of Uchiha Itachi from Naruto Shippuden!

Our original LED Neon Poster series is the first of its kind in authentic anime merchandise! Light up your room with an official LED Neon Poster straight from the anime studio themselves. The poster comes bubble wrapped, alongside the power brick and mounting brackets for easy setup. Once you have mounted the poster, simply plug it in to turn it on!

🎴Officially Licensed! All of our products have been designed alongside the animation studio’s themselves, so you know that you are getting original products straight from the source.

🌈The LED Neon Poster has a base print of ANBU Itachi on that moonlit night, and comes embossed with Red LED Neon to outline the moon. 

📏The LED Neon Poster is 24" (60cm) x 16" (40cm) in size.

🔋12V power block and mounting brackets come included.

🎁Our new neon sign series make for the perfect holiday, birthday, or a house warming gift for your fellow otaku & weeb friends!

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