Be free on the sea with Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat crew!
Otaku Lamps and TOEI ANIMATION have come together to bring you one of the HOTTEST collabs there is: ONE PIECE! With TOEI Animation being just as passionate about this project from start to finish, this collection is just as remarkable as we had hoped. As one of our newest favorites in the world of Anime LED Lamps, this series has truly been one filled with laughter, passion and joy. Whether you’ve been a fan since the beginning or just started watching in the recent years, we have no doubt you’ll find one of your favorites in this carefully curated collection of One Piece characters.
How many Lamps will be in this collection?
With a total of 16 pieces, our One Piece collection is starting off strong. While 16 may seem relatively low compared to some of our larger collections, we wanted to focus on the favorites first and if there is a demand from customers for other characters, we are open to receiving idea submissions both on social media and via our support email: support@otakulamps.com
Who exactly is going to be a part of the One Piece collection?
That’s the big question isn’t it?  Well we won’t keep you waiting! From everyone’s favorite rubber boy Luffy, to the large and in charge Kaidou, we have a wide range of high profile characters to make every fan happy. The characters we will be bringing to this collection are listed below with a few more (not listed) in the works as well!
Monkey D. Luffy
Roronoa Zoro
Tony Tony Chopper
Nico Robin
Trafalgar D. Water Law
Monkey D. Luffy (Gear 5)
Will we get sneak peaks of the designs before they drop?
Oh you know us too well! We absolutely hate keeping secrets from our supporters, so if you're wanting to check our the newest collection from us be sure to go HERE. If you follow us on Instagram you even got a sneak peak of the Official One Piece neon we are coming out with as well!
When does this collection officially drop?
Our most recently updated launch date is 4/5, with a showcase date as early as 4/1. 
With the newest Egghead arc starting this year, we are excited to bring all fellow One Piece fans more Officially Licensed, top quality anime merchandise. Whether you’re hosting watch parties, streaming with friends or just enjoying the Straw Hats adventures solo, we have a product for you! Staying in line with the quality and care our customers have come to expect of us, this has only been continued with our latest collaboration with TOEI Animation. We are so grateful for this enormous opportunity to craft more quality pieces based off an astounding series we love ourselves, and this opportunity would not have come to fruition without the support of all of you! Whether you share our content online, ‘like’ our posts, interact with our stories, purchase our products, or simply comment with a single emoji, you are supporting a brand that believes in supporting the Mangakas and studios that come out with the content we know and love. 
Thank You Otaku!

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