Otaku Lamps and ColourPop | BT21

Otaku Lamps and ColourPop | BT21

Working with BT21 has only brought light into our universe. 🥰 We have so much appreciation for our licensing partner Line Friends, and being able to work with other companies who work with Line Friends makes us so happy. 

Recently, we had the honor and opportunity of working with ColourPop for their BT21 collaboration. We teamed up with the makeup company to provide LED lamps to them as well as a few lucky influencers!

ColourPop is a makeup company that was "born on the internet." The makeup brand quickly became a viral sensation as they are not only cruelty free, but also known for their luxury quality products at affordable prices. They are known for their colorful and pigmented eyeshadows (including their duochrome colors), wide range of lip tint, mascara, and lipsticks. 

Check out this Instagram Reel ColourPop made to celebrate the launch of their new line with our products.

Make sure to take a look at and support ColourPop's BT21 collection!

Click the following link to check out the Otaku Lamps BT21 collection featured in our ColourPop collab.

We also recently launched our LIMITED EDITION BT21 Baby collection that includes holographic packaging. We are running low in stock, so make sure to scoop them up soon!

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