Otaku Lamps Discord


Click the link above to join the Otaku Lamps Official Discord Server! *FREE*

We love interacting with our fans, and so we wanted to create an awesome community surrounded around anime fandom. At its core, this server is a place where everyone (self-proclaimed otaku's or not) can interact, share memes, discuss manga/webcomics, and ultimately come to make some new friends. We also have some really cool plans to give some behind the scenes with what we are doing and how we interact with the anime studios themselves.

Above all, we want a more direct way to interact with our fans aside from Instagram and TikTok. We have been the ones creating all of the posts, answering all of your comments and messages, and it makes us so happy to talk with each and every one of you. However, we get so many messages every single day that previously it was difficult for us to interact with everyone beyond any general questions or order assistance. We wanted this server to be a fun way for our fans to make friends with other like-minded otakus, and we will always be here to hang with you guys!!