Otaku Lamps Supports Nozomi Entertainment Kickstarter to Dub “Dirty Pair”!

Otaku Lamps Supports Nozomi Entertainment Kickstarter to Dub “Dirty Pair”!

Otaku Lamps is working with Right Stuf, Inc. (“Right Stuf Anime”) and Nozomi Entertainment to create exclusive lamps and to support the dubbing for the beloved, nostalgic animated series “Dirty Pair.”

Dirty Pair is set in the 22nd century. Mankind may be technologically advanced, but there are still some problems that can only be fixed by a couple of women who won't back down from a fight! These are the adventures of Kei and Yuri, two official Trouble Consultants for the World Welfare Works Association (WWWA) who use their brains, brawn, and beauty to solve any problem. They call themselves the "Lovely Angels," but because their solutions often result in chaos and mass destruction, the rest of the universe has dubbed them the "Dirty Pair"!

For the WWWA Trouble Consultant and up tiers, a random lighted standee of Kei or Yuri will be included which are custom created especially for this Kickstarter by Otaku Lamps (so you will get one of the two).  Some sample images are below.  Please note: The designs of the standees have not yet been approved by the licensor so these are subject to change before the final manufacture. 

*If you want to guarantee you receive both standees, you can add the other as an add-on item to any tier. You cannot select which one you receive.  You may add-on standees at any tier, although WWA Trouble Consultant tier and up will automatically receive one of the standees.

Thank you so much to Right Stuf Anime and Nozomi Entertainment for this once in a lifetime opportunity! We’re so excited and grateful to be working with them to bring Kei and Yuri to life. 💜

If you’d like to support their Kickstarter, please click this link:

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