Introducing Otaku!

Introducing Otaku!

If you follow us on social media or are a member of our Discord, then you might already know, but the time has come to finally announce our latest and greatest news! We are officially rebranding from "Otaku Lamps" to just "Otaku"

What does this mean? We have been working very hard behind the scenes to bring you all more great otaku merchandise. We realized that at this point, we work with almost every major anime studio and have been fortunate enough to build great relationships with them. We also work with some of the biggest retailers in the anime space as well, and have developed many exclusive lines with them in the past. For example, our exclusive Hatsune Miku collaboration with F.Y.E., or our exclusive Pochita lamps with Hot Topic and Crunchyroll Store.

We have grown so fast over the past few years and that is all thanks to the amazing otakus that support us. With all of that being said, we thought to ourselves, "what if we developed more than just lamps?" Of course, we will always be "Otaku Lamps" at heart, and all of our lamps products will still be released under the "Otaku Lamps" brand.

Our first release as "Otaku" will be gym apparel and accessories in collaboration with Baki Hanma: Son of Ogre. As we develop new lines of merchandise, we figured that it wouldn't make sense for us to release these under the "Otaku Lamps" brand, since they wouldn't be lamps. In the future, we plan to release all kinds of cool different lifestyle and home goods merchandise. Don't want to miss out? Make sure to follow our socials and join our awesome Discord community to catch sneak peaks of future drops as well as stay in the know when a new collab goes live!

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