Otaku is coming to Anime Expo 2023

Otaku is coming to Anime Expo 2023
Another year has passed, and here we are again, anticipating another Anime Expo! We at Otaku Lamps cannot wait to meet all the new Otakus coming to our booth this year, as well as the returning faces from last year (and other cons). If you're a returning face, we hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised by some upcoming changes…

Although we absolutely LOVED our booth and location at last years con, we wanted AX 2023 to be BIGGER and BETTER for Otaku Lamps. So this year we’re going to be closer to the entrance, and harder for you to miss.

“How do I find the Otaku Lamps booth?”
Starting out at the entrance of South hall, you’re going to make your way towards the Aniplex of America booth (maybe stop by and say hi), keep walking straight past the ATLUS/SEGA booth (be sure to say hi to our friends here as well!) and make a left. From there you’ll make your way down until you hit booth #811, Otaku Lamps. We’ve been known to catch peoples attention with our neons and this year is no different. What IS different however, is our booth set up and inventory. 
“I saw your booth last year, what’s the difference this year?”
For those that recall, our AX booth last year was white with multicolored lamps lit up all along a wall. Bright neons guided patrons to us, staff members welcomed you to take a look around and you were highly encouraged to play around with any remote you wanted. While we fondly look back on our AX 2022 experience, AX 2023 promises a larger booth, LED lamps surrounding you while you look around and even more staff members to help answer any and all questions you may have. 

This year we also have an announcement that will change the course of Otaku Lamps forever…if you haven't seen it already, be sure to browse through our socials and news feed on our website to catch it!
Lets talk shop
“You hinted at big change, but what exactly is happening?”
While we can’t divulge all our secrets, one of the biggest announcements that we shared with you recently is that we are branching out into apparel! This Anime Expo, we are dropping our first ever BAKI Hanma: Son of Ogre collab apparel line, and while we will have a VERY limited range of items, what you’ll see at AX will also be exclusive to this con. What does that mean? If we sell out at the con,THAT’S IT. There will be no repeat of these designs! That being said, we will be bringing new sizing, new designs and even other types of apparel as time goes by so don’t be discouraged Otaku, this is just the beginning!
“Okay, you told us about the new merch, but what about what you're known for? What lamps can we expect to see?”
Okay okay, you’ve stuck around this far, so let’s get down to the nitty gritty. While last years lamp range was around 20 different designs, this years range will be about 70 different designs. We’re telling you, this year is BIG for not only Otaku Lamps but the consumer as well. With more space, we opted to bring more lamps from all the great titles we have ties to, and no shipping necessary (although we offer free shipping anyway). Listing all the titles and designs would make this even longer than it already is, and we want to keep SOME mystery to us.
We are so excited for what’s to come, so grateful for the many supporters that have brought us to this point and the many perspectives that you all bring to our attention on social or via our support email that help us grow every day!
We are nothing without all of you, and we will continue to strive for bigger and better launches for you! Thank you Otakus, see you at Anime Expo 2023!

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