Otaku Lamps makes the POP Insiders Holiday Gift Guide!

Otaku Lamps makes the POP Insiders Holiday Gift Guide!
We were recently notified that our Shenron LED lamp made the POP Insider Holiday Gift Guide, and we want to THANK ALL OF YOU!
What exactly is the Pop Insider Gift Guide?
It is the culmination of MILLIONS of consumer impressions (annually) which is then condensed into categories that help YOU find and choose great gifts for the upcoming holiday season. POP Insider publishes these guides annually and they have just one thing to say about this years guide- “Our fifth annual holiday gift guide is our biggest one yet, packed with more officially-licensed and original merch than ever before”.
If you recently attended New York Comic Con 2023 then you may have seen some attendees with the physical gift guide there as it was being circulated from the POP Insider booth! We are absolutely FLOORED to hear this as NYCC is one of the BIGGEST cons of the year! To be featured in a guide that was circulated at such a large event is truly an honor. 
If you haven’t heard of this guide or if you just want to get a head start on your holiday shopping, we highly encourage you to take a look at POP Insiders Holiday Gift Guide! (linked Below) You can find our Shenron LED Lamp featured among many other wonderful gift ideas under ‘Home Goods’ which is sure to be a hit for the pop-culture fanatic in your life.
We realize this was only possible thanks to all the otakus out there who have continued to show their support for us, we couldn't have made it to where we are without ALL of you.
Thank you! 

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