Otaku Lamps is coming to Anime NYC 2023!

Otaku Lamps is coming to Anime NYC 2023!
As the title says, WE'LL BE SEEING YOU AT ANIME NYC 2023! 
We had SUCH an amazing time at ANYC'22 last year that we couldn't pass up the opportunity to come again this year, so let's break down what you can expect from Otaku Lamps this year:
Last year I saw you surrounded by Naruto fans!
You may remember last years booth where we collabed with @KingVader, and while we had an absolute BLAST hanging out with such an amazing individual (as well as his wonderful manager), this year you'll find us as just ourselves: Otaku Lamps. We do hope to have many other great collabs in the future for cons but for Anime NYC'23 you can expect to see the Otaku Lamps booth run by our illustrious owners: Brooks and Diana.  
Wait, didn't you guys come out with apparel?
For those of you who were able to attend Anime Expo 2023, you may recall we dropped an exclusive Baki Hanma: Son of Ogre apparel line! This line unfortunately was an AX exclusive and SOLD OUT completely by the final day. As we are an officially licensed brand, we have to go through proper channels to bring you anime merchandise/apparel that meets the standards of our partners which can sometimes take longer than we anticipate. All this means is that unfortunately, for Anime NYC, you will not find our OTAKU x BAKI line of apparel as we are currently working as hard (and as fast) as we can to bring you more quality apparel we can be proud of (and you'll love!). The designs we have in the works though? We can promise you, if your'e a gym goer or a Baki fan, you're going to want it!
Okay, you explained previous experiences, but what about this years booth?
This year you will find us at Booth#1542, which you can find a couple rows behind the HIDIVE booth, just a short walk from the entrance to the Japanese Food Hall. (see included image below) We will be on a smaller scale this year but all this means is that we're building towards something BIG for the future! With hundreds of lamps to choose from, you're sure to find that one (or more) piece you've been missing from your collection.
We are so excited for the experience to be had, so grateful for the many supporters that continue to bring us higher and higher, and will continue to strive to make anime merchandise that supporters will want and love for years to come!
We can never get tired of saying this, THANK YOU OTAKUS! 

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